A rapidly growing & unique business
and a culture unlike any other!


This may just be the "one thing” you’ve been searching for!
Come and “Check Us Out!”

The only investment is your time! In other words, IT’S FREE to get involved!
A very casual evening designed to answer all of your questions. If you are a stay-at-home mom/dad simply looking to make a little extra money working a few nights or even just the weekends, this is the place for you.

If you are looking for a career change because you know you deserve better, then this is also the place for you! In our company, we have a place for everyone, and there are no glass ceilings! You can reach as high as you want as fast or slow as you want. You do this at your own pace according to your schedule and availability. We have something for everyone!  

Did we mention there are prizes?
Bring your 
INVITATION CARD to be in a drawing for fragrance machines, car purifiers, and fragrances! By the way, you can even pick up any earned gifts too. Just don’t forget to drop us an email “early” that day to ensure we have your goodies waiting for you to “accessorize” your Rainbow. Don't forget to bring your approval email if expecting gifts.

The only investment to get started in Rainbow is your time. Getting started is a breeze, and the BEST PART is all of your appointments are preset for you! You DON’T have to know a bunch of people in order to get started. You set your schedule; not us! You will always be with an eager Rainbow owner prepared to show their friends why our product rocks!

Remember the first time you saw the Rainbow and you were amazed by the machine? Well, if you thought that was good, the part time program is even more astonishing!

Customer Appreciation is held every week at our Main office. Check with your recruiter for details.

Just come and spend an hour with us! Line up a baby-sitter, bring your spouse for extra opportunities, and prizes! Hey, did I mention to bring a fantastic attitude and a smiling face? You are going to be surrounded by extremely happy and positive people! A nice change compared to some jobs. People who love their career, make great money, and have more time to spend with their loved ones are; well, just naturally happier! A lack of money causes stress and most Rainbow people don't have that stress!‍

We look forward to seeing you there, and this may very well be one of those things you look back on as a “pivotal moment” in your life. Life is a journey, take your first step in the RIGHT direction today.

Your Rainbow Team!

Get those demos booked & earn!

Let us get together and show all your people what the power of water can do for their homes. Make an impact on your friends and family!